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Kind Words

I’m Shashwat Hegde. I’m a currently residing in Noida but will be moving to Bengaluru soon for my first job. I was outside IIT Delhi today and saw your bench and went to your website to know about you. I want to contribute through money as physically I’m not available here. I can send around 500 every month from my salary to you. Please let me know the details. I believe what you do is not easy and I’m so proud that you’re doing it .

PS- I’ll tell my friends about this too.

Thank you.

– Shashwat Hegde, 21/06/2018

I am a resident of soami nagar and a great admirer of the work you’ve been doing all across south Delhi, seen you several times at 6 am working tirelessly towards benefitting the poor in every way possible.

Being a dog lover, I am especially intrigued by your relationship with your beagle Snoopy and you absolutely exemplify the fact that dogs are mans best friend. On this note, I’d be grateful if you could share a story with your pooch along with some photos , which I would love to feature on my blog, which is dedicated to our furry friends.

– Anantika Kapoor, 16/06/2018

I chanced upon your website and video through a news website and was really humbled watching it. Not just by the dedicated, thankless work you and your team are doing at Delhi but also what you said — or rather how you put it — about how nothing really belongs to individuals and it’s basically about giving back to the community what belongs to them in the first place. We need more of you in this world really badly these days.

– Rahul, 24/04/2018

Mr Natarajan – No one can ever match yr dedication and generosity towards the society- I just wish there are many more like u and of course many more to support u in your mission- it takes great courage to devote yr life unconditionally – my salute to u 🙏🏻

– Shubhra Vats, 28/04/2018

Mr Natarajan, It was wonderful meeting you this morning. The unseen and nameless angel has a name and a face now. Absolutely blessed to have met you.

– Colonel Jaideep Singh

Let me begin by saying how deeply humbled and inspired I am by what you do. To be able to go beyond oneself even for a single day is hard enough and for you to do be able to do it consistently day on day is nothing short of commendable.

– Shivani

This is just a quick note to let you know that your community, even those of us that may have access to drinking water, are grateful for your presence in our midst. There are fewer and fewer of those around us that are willing to look beyond themselves and you’re a real beacon of hope.

– Aneesha Wadhwa, Trustee, Udayan Care