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Hey! I’m Deepti Gaur. I’m doing my BA in fine art from Delhi College Of Art. I love travelling and like to observe new people in different situations. As an artist I believe that art is not only for a person who understands it, but also it’s a part of society which influences the artist to grow up in this artist field. Most of the people out there don’t understand art, for them it’s just a piece of decoration but let them at least think in that way. At least by that slowly they will understand what exactly art is. I think everyone is born with a beautiful gift of imaginations it’s just how one wanted to show it or apply it. If people like decorative art then paint the world with decorative things to make the society happy.

So here’s my very first journey with MatkaMan:

I love travelling with public transport. Once I saw these matkas near Chirag Delhi and an idea came into my mind to paint them so that I can promote art and MatkaMan’s idea of spreading love without any reason. So I just went through his website which was mentioned near the matka and mailed him my idea of painting these matkas so that it will look clean and beautiful and more and more people will get attracted to it to drink water.

When I first met him I got really inspired by this man who has a really young and beautiful heart. If he can do such inspiring things in this age so why don’t I as a young girl. It’s not easy to do such things for any strangers without any reason. You need a very big heart for this. And I wanted to be a part of such good work. His prime purpose of doing this is to help others. And if you can’t help them at least don’t hurt them. I have seen his videos which really inspire me to do something, at least as much as I can do. And in between doing this work I learnt a lot about how people enjoy doing this painting and people are helping us in doing these matka paintings.


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  • Vinod

    Good work sir such a nice personality and project of you. Salute of your spirit sir and all the best to u and ur all team from celeknow

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