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During the Covid-19 outbreak I have taken the responsibility of feeding 25 migrant workers who live near me.

I have provided them rations (rice, flour, lentils, sugar, oil, spices) tea and biscuits. After four weeks some have returned to work but most have gone back to the village

Besides that I am currently distributing cucumber (60 kilos) and lassi (100 litres) on a daily basis to construction workers around the area. In the heat, they relish both these cooling refreshments.

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  • Dipti Dey

    Dear Sir, Read about you in Reader’s Digest article under Everyday heroes section. I must admit, felt like do we really have person like you exists in this world especially in India and not being highlighted by media or government.
    I have tried to do my best by sharing about you and your site with my friends.
    Do let me know if I can help you in any way to make our society better for next people.

    • Vinod

      Good work by all team really inspiring work. All d best sir from celeknow

  • Kush Patel

    Hello Sir , I admire by seeing what you do at the age of 70’s. being modern socialist we forgot about humanity and became a greedy , selfish and so on . I wish I could kick start such programme to help men-kind.

    We proud to have person like you in our society !!

    BRAVO !!

  • Bhoop Singh

    नमस्ते सर,
    मैने आज आपका वीडियो देखा, जिस तरह आप निस्वार्थ सेवा कर रहे हो उसको देखकर मेरा मन अपने आपको लिखने से नहीं रोक पाया। आप जैसे लोग बहुत कम मिलते हैं जो इस उम्र में इतना सब कुछ कर रहे हो। आपके जज्बे को मैं सैल्यूट करता हूं। लेकिन इस उम्र में इतना सब करते हुए देखकर आप पर बहुत गर्व होता है। भगवान आपको स्वस्थ रखे एवम दीर्घायु दे। जिससे की आप अपने मिशन को और भी आगे ले जाएं।

  • Sushant Nayak

    Your personality, a great inspiration to others. Pray God for a Happy and healthy life.
    Warm regards

  • दीपक ओलखा

    धन्यवाद,मेने आपका एक वीडियो देखा जिसके बाद मेने आपकी वेबसाइट देखी मुझे बहुत गर्व महसूस हो रहा है कि भारत में आप जैसे लोग भी मौजूद हैं मे आपको दिल की गहराइयों से धनयवाद देता हूँ । बहुत कम लोग होते हैं जो आप जैसा बन सके लोगो की सेवा करने के बाद जो उनके चेहरे पर खुशी झलकती है उसके सामने सब कुछ कुर्बान ।

  • Anjali Chetan Gugale

    Salute your indomitable spirit to serve humanity. I don’t have words to express my wishes and regards to such a humble, kind and generous soul like you sir. I wish you the very best in achieving new milestones to promote the UN sdg # 2 – Zero Hunger in your way. 28th April is International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste. Let us save food for sustainable development. Warm regards, Anjali Gugale

  • Swaleha khan

    Completely inspired by your story and feels so good that there is always a mesiah sent for underprivileged people..

  • Somachand Laxminarayan Kattige

    Your selfless work is a great Inspiration to all of us.

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