1. Water

I need people to donate water, MCD or bore well, both are acceptable. I can come to your premises and fill the 800 litre water tank in my van. Even a half-tank donation would be very welcome. At present I use about 2000 litres a day on one round (50 matkas of 40 litres capacity each).

2. Cooler Locations

On request, I can come and install a stainless steel cooler at your property so that you can provide drinking water to people in your neighbourhood. You will be surprised at how many people need it.

3. An Employee

As is evident, much of the work requires a lot of physical labor and driving. I would accomplish a lot more in a day with a driver-cum-assistant to help me. I seek a sponsor to cover the minimum salary of Rs 15,000 per month of such a person since their working hours would be long and erratic. The salary will also include health insurance for this person and their family.

4. Money

Any financial contribution big or small is welcome. It will go towards:

– the purchase of matkas, fruit and vegetables, coolers and cycle pumps
– the daily maintenance of my van

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