Who am I? Is a question I have been asking myself a lot in recent years.

I grew up in Bangalore. As a young adult, I left home for London to visit my sister on a tourist visa, and ended up staying there for 40 years. In the UK I became a business man, running joke and souvenir shops in London and started a family. Then, 10 years ago I was diagnosed with intestinal cancer.

I am cancer free living in Delhi now and trying to do what I can to help those in need with the means available to me. When I first returned I was working on creating more sturdy and efficient cycle rickshaws. Since then I have offered my skills to an orphanage, to a last-stage cancer hospice, served langar (food) to the homeless in Chandni Chowk and carried out the cremation of destitutes to give them a dignified end. In 2014 in the smothering heat of the Delhi summer, I turned my attention to water. After seeing so many people going thirsty, I began thinking how can I help them? This work has now expanded to encompass a much larger range of activities for the poor.

Through this work, I have come to believe that we are all crucially linked together but that society today has abandoned this interconnectedness. For this reason, I work now with my immediate community in Panchsheel Park and South Delhi. I wish to help those in need around me and also to inspire people to help those around them. Perhaps then, I can start a quiet revolution of human kindness.

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