My Spiritual Journey

I am not backed by an NGO, nor am I a government-sponsored organisation; I am mostly self-funded through my pension and life savings. That said I do get a few donations and, most importantly, lots of help and support from my family.

You may ask why and what is the motive behind this contribution to the community.

I believe that animals, nature and human beings included are a community and as such we must sincerely care for one another in our different ways, however big or small, to be able to live together in harmony. Every one of us has something to give and share with society.

Unfortunately today we live in a culture where we as a society have become greedier and more self-indulgent. As a consequence, the poor, who are watching this growing inequality from the periphery, have become angrier and as a result of this injustice, crime is on the increase.

Mahatma Gandhi said that “a nation would be judged by the way it treats its animals.” To this I will add “a nation will fall in shame if it continues to violate its helpless people at the present scale.”

Who am I? Is a question I have been asking myself a lot in recent years.

I grew up in Bangalore. As a young adult, I left home for London to visit my sister on a tourist visa, and ended up staying there for 40 years. In the UK I became a business man, running joke and souvenir shops in London and started a family. Then, 10 years ago I was diagnosed with intestinal cancer.

I am cancer free living in Delhi now and trying to do what I can to help those in need with the means available to me. When I first returned I was working on creating more sturdy and efficient cycle rickshaws. Since then I have offered my skills to an orphanage, to a last-stage cancer hospice, served langar (food) to the homeless in Chandni Chowk and carried out the cremation of destitutes to give them a dignified end. In 2014 in the smothering heat of the Delhi summer, I turned my attention to water. After seeing so many people going thirsty, I began thinking how can I help them? This work has now expanded to encompass a much larger range of activities for the poor.

Through this work, I have come to believe that we are all crucially linked together but that society today has abandoned this interconnectedness. For this reason, I work now with my immediate community in Panchsheel Park and South Delhi. I wish to help those in need around me and also to inspire people to help those around them. Perhaps then, I can start a quiet revolution of human kindness.

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